New theme: Sparkling

Ever since I tried out the ‘Svblte’ (clone) theme, I’ve used ‘Spun’. This stayed in place longer than I’d anticipated (mainly through apathy). In reflection, this occurred as a holding mechanism: it was good enough for the time being; I’d get around to finalising a choice later. I hadn’t really spent much time blogging of late and it seemed good enough during the 60 seconds I spent evaluating it at the time. Cut to the present: I had time and spent it evaluating the current themes available for WordPress. I saw “Sparkling” and it resonated with me. I installed and activated it. Fin. 🙂

Resizing an ext3 LVM2 volume

The process of resizing an LVM volume is pretty straightforward, but it’s important to take care in performing them — one false step and say goodbye to the data on that disk. 
  1. Shut the machine down
  2. Boot off a live CD or rescue disk
  3. Skip mounting your existing volumes
  4. Run lvm vgchange -a y
  5. Ensure that the volume group and logical volumes are visible
  6. Run e2fsck -f VOLUME to ensure the existing data on the volume is intact and the file system is sane
  7. Run resize2fs -p VOLUME SIZE[M|G] to resize the file system on the volume to the intended size
  8. Run lvm lvreduce -L VOLUME to resize the logical volume to the preferred size
  9. Run resize2fs VOLUME again to fill up the logical volume