New theme: Sparkling

Ever since I tried out the ‘Svblte’ (clone) theme, I’ve used ‘Spun’. This stayed in place longer than I’d anti­cip­ated (mainly through apathy). In reflec­tion, this occurred as a hold­ing mech­an­ism: it was good enough for the time being; I’d get around to final­ising a choice later. I had­n’t really spent much time blog­ging of late and it seemed good enough dur­ing the 60 seconds I spent eval­u­at­ing it at the time. Cut to the present: I had time and spent it eval­u­at­ing the cur­rent themes avail­able for Word­Press. I saw “Spark­ling” and it res­on­ated with me. I installed and activ­ated it. Fin. 🙂


Hello. I’m Sasha Ger­rand, a soft­ware developer. I design and cre­ate high volume trans­ac­tional tech­no­logy (along with other things). I write code in Open Source pro­gram­ming lan­guages. I do things with data sources and trans­ac­tional sys­tems. I use vir­tu­al­ised machines for my server envir­on­ments. I spend a fair pro­por­tion of my days liv­ing in the shell. I like POSIX com­pli­ant oper­at­ing sys­tems and FOSS products.