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#420 +(389)- [X]

<EnDs> N E 1 have that song u know the one from woodstolk?

#539 +(1039)- [X]

<BobDole> i'm not the real bob dole
<BobDole> but.. i'm just on this nick
<T`karthon> ohh
<Nija_work> had me fooled
<T`karthon> thanks for clearing that up for us

#950 +(672)- [X]

(Amakusa) ALF and Catwoman snuff porn crossover
(Amakusa) I'm afraid that when I make stuff up like that, it really exists out there somewhere ;(

#1231 +(472)- [X]

*** Ryan_ sets mode: +b *!*@*.homosexual.opers
<vanity> wow
<vanity> you just banned 85% of the channel

#4914 +(377)- [X]

<clay> and i raped your mother %your.age years ago

#6547 +(421)- [X]

<Soulphonat> My cat only speaks in analog
<Soulphonat> it's cute

#6625 +(176)- [X]

<@Greg> how do i start apps automatically when i log into os x?
<@desnarf> hit it with a hammer
<@desnarf> but you need a robot arm for it to happen automatically

#6891 +(227)- [X]

<RazorX> tired of hearing my 200 pound upstairs neighbor walk
<chemdog> hey, I'm 200 lbs!
<RazorX> so is she
<chemdog> doh!
<FS_Falcon_GA> Raxoz you haven't tried to hit it yet?
<RazorX> no ive heard it getting hit.... i think it hits back
<FS_Falcon_GA> Man we didn't get you drunk enough yet. I'll have to work on that
<RazorX> not enough beer in the world my man

#7893 +(427)- [X]

<+iNzpekth|buzy> where can i get some ftp programs??
<@pain> try www.google.com
<+iNzpekth|buzy> <<--Thx pain-->>
<@pain> lol, nice script
<+iNzpekth|buzy> <<--Thx pain-->>
<+iNzpekth|buzy> hey pain, i didnt find ftp from www.google.com, which link is it?
* pain cries

#8673 +(286)- [X]

<X-man> i had a comp sci teacher that named her dog scsi
<X-man> i felt bad for it

#11646 +(540)- [X]

<Nick> Albert! Say something dirty!
<Albert> Bukkake!!
<Nick> Agh!! Too Dirty!

#13753 +(1555)- [X]

<Flirbnic> I have a time machine.
<Twilo> That's your fridge
<Flirbnic> Then explain how I can put perishable food items in there and take them out several days later STILL FRESH?

#15467 +(383)- [X]

<rogue> I like how matt took the time to tell us he was vomiting
<rogue> it's that kind of detail that really makes this channel work, I think

#16586 +(418)- [X]

<shagman> and here I go rollerblading in black jeans and a dark blue t-shirt
<shagman> it must be 40 out
<SourKey> your nuts
<shagman> yeah, they're hot too

#22064 +(28)- [X]

<Timexy> because of some fools, we are seeing what to do
<Timexy> only for cause that we are Brazilian we are indiscriminate --'
<Timexy> why they don't make flood in the #services for exemple

#34413 +(616)- [X]

* Dr_Vladimir cries at the racial discrimination....
<Dr_Vladimir> Robots are people too!
<TK-421> lousy automatons
* Norton flicks off muffbots switch
*** Signoff: muffbot ()
<muffinator> :o
<Norton> ONO
<Dr_Vladimir> OH MY GOD!
<muffinator> MOUTH TO MOUTH
<Norton> eh?
* Norton hooks up jumper cables to muffbot
<Norton> CLEAR
* Norton turns his car over
*** muffbot (mister@ip68-99-108-30.hr.hr.cox.net) has joined channel #MUA
<Norton> w00!!

#36468 +(1132)- [X]

<Defcon> dude my new microwave owns
<Defcon> you put the foods in and then the time and then start
<Defcon> then beep beep and yum
<ToastyGhost> No shit, Captain Microwave Handbook

#36713 +(65)- [X]

<nice_sheep_molester> the united negro college fund: helping youth avoid being on a fox tv show on saturday nights for 25 years

#37334 +(264)- [X]

<FairchildDrumr> Damn the internet.
<FairchildDrumr> It gives you easy access to lots of great women that are not easilly accesable.

#37634 +(146)- [X]

<@anorexicpoodle> so the cable modem is plugged directly into your comp
<KooGooShii> lemme check
<KooGooShii> yup
<KooGooShii> i just unhooked it and checked
<FinalLancer> /notice me if you get it up, imma gonna be doing stuffs
<KooGooShii> yet im still on the internet
<KooGooShii> isnt that weird
<@anorexicpoodle> uhh
<@anorexicpoodle> what port did you unhook
<KooGooShii> lets see how long i can go without my modem plugged in before i get disconnected!
KooGooShii ~aliasmpu@ has Quit iRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

#38918 +(310)- [X]

<XX01XX> What's an interesting website?
<Phlegyas> an oxymoron

#52842 +(106)- [X]

<Valqorez> I didn't even get laid
<Valqorez> but there's always tomoromw
<McCormick> won't happend
<McCormick> you"'l have a headache
<Valqorez> Nope - I dont have hangovers
<Daedalus> you're going about it wrong
<Daedalus> YOU getting drunk won't get you laid
<Daedalus> getting the girl drunk will get you laid :)

#53482 +(159)- [X]

<weebl> i might have a meet saturday morning
<weebl> cuz of that fucker
<weebl> who took a shit in wakefield's pool
<weebl> the remeet might be like, 8 in the fuckin' morning
<DoubleHelix> LOL!
<DoubleHelix> someone drop'd a deuce in the pool!
<DoubleHelix> lol
<DoubleHelix> wtf is that shit
<weebl> yeah
<weebl> and they didn't notice till after the divers had gone
<DoubleHelix> HAHAH!

#59091 +(201)- [X]

<Mansion_Maniac> 3 types of people on the internet = convinced they're ugly, convinced they're life has no meaning, and convinced they could kick your ass despite they don't know jack about you

#59329 +(169)- [X]

<@Hellfire|RS> ... BET has nightly news now?
<@Rei> "And to close, remember, MLK Jr Day is only 234 days away and keep it real, yo. Tonights credits will be done by Jameriquai and remember to tune in tomorrow morning at 6:00 for your AM dose of ethnic stereotypes."

#61580 +(19)- [X]

* Nark thinks about sniffing some girls coochie to get high
<Nark> bahaha that would kick ass, 'let me get a 50c rock of booty'

#73207 +(391)- [X]

<Paul_> i was rubbing one out to this vid, girl stradling a bloke, bouncing away back to the camera happily taking the full length up her zx spectrum. all of a sudden she lifts off, he pulls out and fires off a few rounds right up her back, inpressive clustering. I finish up - managing to timne it to within 1/2 seconds of the money shot, Ron Jeremy style - a true professional. Then, at the very end, completely unexpected.. 'she stands up'
<Paul_> and it is quite clearly a fella :|
<Paul_> i was horrified.
<Paul_> the pyschological implications....

#79175 +(353)- [X]

<Back2Basics> My wife thinks up the strangest reasons to get offline...
<Dralock> ?
<Dralock> Like what?
<Dralock> for her to get offline, or for oyou?
<Back2Basics> she says she's having contractions about 4 min apart or something...
<Dralock> Wow
<Dralock> sounds like she's having a baby
<Back2Basics> Right NOW ... so I have to get offline ... wish us luck...

#94101 +(334)- [X]

<DrBoris> oh well, when I get rich and famous, I will promote games that hold the ideals of creativity and gameplay over mindless violence
<Yutz> And go bankrupt.

#103964 +(33)- [X]

<+Comanche> is OST any good
<+Comanche> band apparently..

#107111 +(874)- [X]

* +bulitpruf is AFK, playing horseshoes wit my blind uncle and his midget son
* +sab0t is AFK, playing horseshoes with my midget son & my gay nephew

#134503 +(267)- [X]

(Calren): question: if I get three female friends saying they like me int he space of 3 minutes, does this mean the end of the world is here?
(@Zaphod): Calren - it means some fucker let the guide dogs off their leashes again at the blind school

#162151 +(411)- [X]

<brainchasm> I always wanted to get 8 eyebrow piercings and hang a little curtain

#172396 +(708)- [X]

<jacob> fuck my deoderant combined with this other dudes one smells awesome

#186668 +(932)- [X]

<LexMortis> you know what would be nasty?
<LexMortis> if a pack of condoms said "tested on animals"

#222295 +(332)- [X]

<Budgie> Opencanvas is a free-for-30-days-and-then-it-breaks program for windows.
<Budgie> unless you pay :(
<RabbitGod> well I think I'll stick to my photoshop 7 with the kazza lite discount

#262679 +(133)- [X]

<FQ|Dawg> ok so i was messing with one of my schools video cameras
<FQ|Dawg> and i recorded my dick, and i cant erase it off the tape
<FQ|Dawg> what should i do
<%CLV> tell them you were doing a study on the effects of amateur porn on modern society

#280066 +(1393)- [X]

<Jaeger> whats an oxymoron
<Edgy> Microsoft Works

#287665 +(2375)- [X]

garrett8675309: heard you threatened to shoot my girlfriend...
imptacular: yeah
garrett8675309: you should get your membership card in 7-10 days

#291262 +(9136)- [X]

<Mendo> lmao there's a wicked lookign spider on my monitor and if i move the mouse around he chases after it
<spitfire> haha mendo
<spitfire> take a screen shot
<spitfire> wait
<spitfire> that made no sense

#371868 +(859)- [X]

<TheShadowHunter> I won three purple hearts once
<Wildcard|Comicing> ...no you didn't. You were just playing Zelda.
<Wildcard|Comicing> You really need to adjust the color on your TV
<TheShadowHunter> oh
<TheShadowHunter> I guess that couldve been it

#444750 +(793)- [X]

<Ninja>  What if on the next smash there was online gameplay and for every bodies colors they could have different moves
<TestRider>  What if a op barged in here and banned your ass?
<Ninja>  oh really and who are you?
<@McFox>  Apparently he's a psychic.

#579611 +(355)- [X]

<M3rlin-> what is the legal age to buy alcoholic in england ?
<p5Ds13a06> you cant buy alcoholics
<p5Ds13a06> but if you wink the right way, some of them will follow you home for free

#676812 +(601)- [X]

<mETRo> you shoulda taken it back to walmart lol
<mETRo> they take anything back
<zx2ms> dude serisouly I was read to just throw it away and buy a new one
<zx2ms> instead of go through the hassle
<mETRo> you could bring in a box of used rubbers there
<mETRo> and theyd be like "was there anything wrong with them?"
<[xENo]> just set the kid on the counter
<zx2ms> lol

#697126 +(435)- [X]

<Slimano> You know the Paul McCartney song 'Mamunia'?
<john|away> yea
<Slimano> I think mamunia in arabic is 'Peace'
<LLXerxes> No wonder I've never heard it before.

#707553 +(1256)- [X]

<RobotJunk>  How do I use dBase III database with more that 255 fields in a table?
<teHr0k>  Change out of your parachute pants and get in your 1986 Dodge K Car and
drive to the Airport, while listening to Duran Duran on the radio.  Lastly,
catch a Flight on Braniff Airlines to the 21st Century.

#757644 +(859)- [X]

Zoolig: I've had enough of weak, indecisive people.
Shoe: I think I have too.

#847598 +(1723)- [X]

Amul Muzz said:
Why do I get the feeling that this is really a mob, just waiting for someone to say something they do not agree with?
chrismjr said:
That's the best description for the internet I've ever heard

#895141 +(2104)- [X]

Connor: Firefox 3.5. Download it.
Andrew: Give me the top 5 reasons to download it.
True: In iambic pentameter
Connor: For private browsing, tear-off tabs and then some,
Connor: Download Firefox three point five and see:
Connor: It's using Gecko one point nine point one,
Connor: And over twice as fast as Firefox three.
Connor: Pwned.

#920182 +(1315)- [X]

<commerceheights> wow, I managed to get a syntax error on line 23 of a twenty-line file

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