No Movember for me in 2011

Inspired in part by +Adri­an Hempel’s impas­sioned post on Google+, I sent the fol­low­ing email to my fel­low workmates:

In earli­er years, I have taken part and been a strong sup­port­er of Movem­ber. With the chair­man of bey­ond­blue (one of Movem­ber­’s main char­it­ies), Jeff Ken­nett, now act­ively work­ing against the stated goals of the ini­ti­at­ive he pur­ports to lead, I believe that Movem­ber should fol­low its own aims and stop sup­port­ing an ini­ti­at­ive that does more for bigotry than men’s health.

I sent the fol­low­ing mes­sage to Movem­ber at the start of this week. As our com­pany is plan­ning on sup­port­ing Movem­ber this year, I would encour­age every­one to at least read more on these top­ics before pledging your sup­port. I would note that Movem­ber has thus far not com­men­ted so far on Ken­nett’s out­land­ish statements.


While Movem­ber con­tin­ues to sup­port bey­ond­blue with Jeff Ken­nett at the helm, I will no longer take part in the event.

I firmly believe that Mr Ken­nett is using his pos­i­tion as Chair­man to spread fear, uncer­tainty and doubt (FUD) on the sub­ject of depres­sion and men­tal health, as well as rein­ter­pret­ing sci­entif­ic reports to fit the goals of his pre­ferred lobby groups.

I draw your atten­tion to the following:

In the event that Ken­nett stands down from his pos­i­tion or Movem­ber should choose anoth­er char­ity in bey­ond­blue’s stead, I would hap­pily recon­sider my decision. Ken­nett’s bigotry and mis­rep­res­ent­a­tion of sci­entif­ic truths offend me as an Aus­trali­an male, a Hawthorn sup­port­er and a sci­ent­ist. 

I can­not sup­port any organ­isa­tion that endorses views of this nature.



Hello. I’m Sasha Ger­rand, a soft­ware developer. I design and cre­ate high volume trans­ac­tional tech­no­logy (along with other things). I write code in Open Source pro­gram­ming lan­guages. I do things with data sources and trans­ac­tional sys­tems. I use vir­tu­al­ised machines for my server envir­on­ments. I spend a fair pro­por­tion of my days liv­ing in the shell. I like POSIX com­pli­ant oper­at­ing sys­tems and FOSS products.